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  • Presidents Who Were Assassinated

    Assassinated Presidents There have been many assassination attempts, successful or unsuccessful, due to the desire to change U.S. government policy. However, not all of these attacks are political. Many other criminals remained sane, and some were declared mentally ill. Historian James W. Clarke said most of the assassination attempts were justified and politically motivated, but the Justice Department’s legal handbook says most of the people were insane. Some murderers, incredibly the mentally ill, acted on their own, while those pursuing political goals often found support from conspirators. Most of the murderers were arrested and sentenced to death or long terms in prison or an asylum.

    The vice president, the successor of the impeached President, is the same as the President’s political affiliations. It is probably why political parties do not organize such attacks, even during partisan conflict. Threats of violence against the President are often used for rhetorical or humorous purposes without serious intent. The President of the United States has been threatened by corporate criminal activity since then.

    Four Presidents Have Been Assassinated In American History:

    1. Abraham Lincoln (1865): Assassinated a few days after the end of the Civil War with the help of American sympathizer John Wilkes Booth.
    2. James Garfield (1881): Shot with the aid of Charles Guiteau, a disgruntled workplace seeker, who died of his wounds numerous months later.
    3. William McKinley (1901): Shot with the aid of using Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist, even as attending the Pan-American Exposition.
    4. JohnDespite numerous theories being put forward, the assassination remains a highly debated incident in Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated him on a motorcycle in Dallas, Texas. A national tragedy, this assassination left a lasting impression on American history.

    This assassination was a national tragedy that shocked the country and left a lasting impact on American history.

    A Country Whole Of Tragedies: Four American Presidents Were Assassinated

    Presidents Who Were Assassinated

    The presidency of the United States, a symbol of leadership and national unity, was marked by four terminations. These criminal acts not only robbed the President of his life but also left deep wounds in the psyche of the country. Each murder’s aftermath represents a chapter in American history and its changing political climate.

    Abraham Lincoln (1865): A Nation Divided

    After the Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president and died on April 14, 1865. He was a mere five days later. In Washington, DC, while watching a play with his friend John Wilkes Booth (an outspoken American supporter), Lincoln was shot in the back of his head. Booth, along with other fellow sympathizers, thought they would punish the Union and delay Reconstruction.

    After Lincoln’s assassination, the country experienced its most remarkable revival. His death will be remembered as a moment of unity and tolerance, with the nation mourning his loss. The assassination also heralded the violent politics of Reconstruction in the South, and some historians argue that the Lincoln administration paved the way for reconciliation.

    James Garfield (1881): The Rise of Discontent

    Twentieth President James A. Garfield was elected on July 2, 1881, by lawyer and independent candidate Charles Guiteau and served only four months. Despite numerous theories being put forward, the assassination remains a highly debated incident in Kennedy. Garfield spent several months dealing with illnesses caused by the health problems of the time. The assassination was a shock to everyone and left countless impressions on American history. He expressed his displeasure with the merit system, a political practice in which government positions are awarded based on party loyalty rather than merit. Civil service reforms were initiated after the assassination and culminated in 1883 with the Pendleton Act, which introduced a merit-based system for appointment.

    William McKinley (1901): The Rise of Extremism

    September 6, 1901. President William McKinley, the 25th President, was shot over again while attending the American show in Buffalo, New York, on September 6, 1901. The assassin, Leon Czolgosz, was an honest young man from Poland who was known for his excesses. Situations. Economic inequality and the poor performance of Poles. Revolution.McKinley died eight days later, becoming the third president to be assassinated.

    McKinley’s death highlighted the growing tensions of the Gilded Age, a period of mixed wealth in America. It also marked the rise of anarchism, an ideology that advocates any means of abolishing government. The massacre led to the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903, which banned the immigration of people deemed a threat to public safety.

    Johannes F. Kennedy (1963): Legacy of Doubt

    35th President John F. While performing at a play in Washington, DC, John Wilkes Booth, a renowned American pro-American, shot Lincoln in the head. Lee Harvey Oswald fired several shots into a nearby building, wounding the President. Much debate surrounds the cause of this assassination and its significance, which has been a topic of much discussion in American history.

    JFK’s death comes at a critical time in American history. His leadership skills were instrumental in initiating a fresh wave of anti-Clocal War, anti-civil rights movements, and antiseptic campaigns. His death left a lasting impression on the nation’s mental stability, leading to doubts and disillusionment with the political process.

    Lasting Effects

    Just five days after the Civil War ended, It was reminiscent of his own shooting experiences. These also show the political diversity of the political environment and the social problems created by these actions. After this incident, security around the President increased significantly. But debates over gun control, the influence of extremist ideology, and public safety in general continue. The four murders underscore the fragility of American democracy and the need for constant vigilance.

    Further Exploration:

    1. Each President’s biographies offer more profound insights into their life and times.
    2. Research on the historical context of each assassination provides a richer understanding of the underlying social and political forces.
    3. Lastly, Exploring the conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination reveals the ongoing debate and public fascination with the event.


    Four Presidents were assassinated In American History Assassinated a few days after the end of the Civil War with the help of American sympathizer John Wilkes Booth. A national tragedy, this assassination left a lasting impression on American history. This assassination was a national tragedy that shocked the country and left a lasting impact on American history. A Country Whole Of Tragedies: Four American Presidents Were Assassinated After the Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president and died on April 14, 1865. McKinley died eight days later, becoming the third president to be assassinated.

  • Auto Accident Lawsuit

    Auto Accident Lawsuit Claims for Auto accident reparation may be made if you or someone you know has been in an accident with yourself. Assume you have been in an auto accident. In that case, you must know your rights and follow legal concerns before taking legal action to repay for your injuries and property damage. What do you require to see if you want compensation for an accident before settling or filing a lawsuit? Auto accidents can be revolutionary, leaving you with injuries, auto damage, and medical bills.

    Auto Accident Lawsuit Filing Deadline

    Every state has different laws and deadlines for how long you must begin legal proceedings following an auto accident. It is known as the statute of barriers, the maximum timeline for how long the parties involved must go to court and start the lawsuit process. Spending one to six years on your state’s laws could be between one and six years.

    The deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit departs from how long you must file a claim with your insurance or a third party’s insurance for the accident. Most policies need you to file a claim within a reasonable period. Check with your insurance company for details about your policy’s requirements.

    Major Whether to File an Auto Accident Lawsuit

    Many auto accident lawsuits are settled and are privous to a lawsuit even if filed, and most will pay before any court trial.

    There is usually an opportunity to settle the claim before filing a lawsuit. It can be advantageous to avoid high legal fees, stress, and the time the risk of losing. However, the case must go to trial if there is a dispute over critical evidence that shows who was at fault or the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. The duration of the process is contingent on factors like the litigation approach of each party and their inclination to reach a settlement, which can happen at any point in the proceedings. However,. Twelve states have no-fault laws, meaning your insurance must cover your injuries regardless of who is at fault. However, sometimes you want to sue one or more people involved in a car accident.

    You may receive a settlement offer not covering property or personal damage. The offer may not take into account your long-term healthcare costs. If you have a loved one who is severely injured in an accident, you may want to consider filing.

    Suppose you are considering making decisions or taking legal action. In such a case, it is essential to consult with a privacy lawyer who can handle your case and guide you to the best possible outcome.

    Potential Auto Accident Lawsuit Damages

    Recover the following damages from an auto accident lawsuit:

    • Property damages
    • Medical expenses
    • Disfigurement
    • Permanent disability
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of earning potential
    • Loss of mutual support or affection for your spouse
    • Punitive damages from negligent behavior, such as driving while intoxicated or distracted driving

    Auto Accident Settlement and Lawsuit Timeline

    Auto Accident Settlement and Lawsuit Timeline Before any litigation is required, your insurance company will try to settle damages with the other parties involved. You or your lawyer can speak with the other party’s insurer, who will likely try to resolve the claim.

    Before accepting a settlement, get the terms and details in written form. Take the time to read and understand it, ask questions, and do your research to make sure it is fair. Add up the damage values of your vehicle and injuries and ask your medical auto provider about anticipated medical expenses or limitations in the future. Any settlement offer reviewed by an attorney who can evaluate the value of components such as loss, pain, and suffering is essential.

    Receiving a settlement does not certainly settle all claims, so if you anticipate future expenses that have not yet been determined or covered by proposed settlement fees, make sure the other party’s terms are not a final settlement. For example, you have the right to settle your property claim separately before settling your medical claim.

    You can agree to the insurer’s terms and receive compensation for your agreement not to file a lawsuit. You may use them to pursue maximum compensation if you cannot agree on terms.

    Starting an Auto Accident Lawsuit

    Starting an Auto Accident Lawsuit From the starting point to resolution, the length of an accident case could take several months to years. How long it will take depends on variables such as each party’s litigation strategy and the willingness of either side to agree upon a settlement, which could happen at any time during the process.

    Civil suits, or civil actions, seek damages for auto accident-related losses. The rules of civil suits vary in each state, but the exact format loosely applies.

    First, the party starting a lawsuit, known as the plaintiff, files a petition or complaint in court. The responding party, the defendant, answers and files documents with the court.

    What To Expect Should You File A Lawsuit?

    Not all AUTO accidents necessitate lawsuits. Many cases are settled through insurance claims. However, a lawsuit might be appropriate if The insurance company denies your declaration or offers an inadequate settlement.

    You sustained severe injuries with significant medical bills. Lost wages due to the accident cause financial hardship.

    Types of Compensation

    An auto accident lawsuit can recover damages for medical expenses (past and future), pain, lost wages, suffering, property damage, and loss of companionship or consortium.

    1. Consultation.
    2. Investigation.
    3. Demand Letter.
    4. Negotiation.
    5. Trial.


    The legal system in each state has its regulations and jurisdiction after an auto accident. The deadline for filing a personal injury claim differs from filing a claim on your accident liability insurance. The legal action for an auto accident can proceed in compensation for medical expenses (both past and future). The time frame for filing a personal injury claim differs from a long time to file with your insurance company or a third-party accident insurer.

    Auto Accident Time Before starting a lawsuit, your insurance company will try to settle the damages with the third parties involved. Auto accident resolution and pre-trial timeline should be. Your insurance company will try to settle the damages with the other parties involved.

  • What Is A Bench Warrant

    A Bench Warrant means that a judge has issued an arrest warrant for the suspect. This warrant is often issued to someone charged with not attending the scheduled court appearance. It is known as the measure of apparent failure. However, the judge can issue an injunction when someone violates court rules.

    When a judge issues a bench warrant, law Imposition can treat it like any other piece of paper. It usually means finding an order to hold. If you find that you are wearing your seat belt, it is best to union an attorney and have it replaced as soon as possible. Many people think they can avoid a court judgement, but most of them are wrong.

    What Happens After a Judge Points a Bench Warrant

    When a warrant is issued, local security officials treat it as an arrest warrant. They will try to find you, arrest you, and bring you to court for expulsion..

    Hang on police work in your area, this process may happen quickly, for example, within 24 hours, or it may take days, weeks, or months. However, as long as you have a court order, you can expect every day to be an arrest day.

    The Difference of Bench Warrant and Arrest Warrant

    What Is A Bench Warrant

    As a judicial power in the Indian state of Karnataka, the Karma High Court locked up hearings at Hubballi-Dharwod and Kalaburagi on 24 August 2013 and 31 August. The main difference is that the judge has exclusive authority over the jury verdict from start to finish, while law enforcement applies for an arrest warrant, and the judge signs it and asks questions.

    Law enforcement officials request an arrest warrant when they believe they have probable sources to arrest someone, such as video evidence of someone committing a crime. If the judge determines sufficient evidence to warrant an arrest, he signs this order and authorizes the security forces to make the arrest.

    Whatever warrant you have, bank or search warrant, you can await arrest, so it’s a good idea to speak with a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

    How Does a Bench Warrant Work?

    A court order does not necessarily lead to a criminal case but can lead to criminal charges. This warrant is often issued to someone charged with not attending the scheduled court appearance.

    1. Failure to attend a court date: If you choose not to attend a scheduled court date for any reason, this can result in a stay order. A judge may issue a ticket if you fail to attend a traffic ticket or court appearance, including a hearing, pretrial hearing, arraignment, or sentencing.
    2. Failure to comply with a court order: Many court orders, including traffic tickets and child support.

    Finally, the judge issues a summons summoning you to court. Once there, they may release you with a warning or arrest you. It will be decided depending on your criminal record and how the court determines your flight status.

    The result of failing to appear on a set court date can be severe fines and penalties. You may lose your driver’s license. In other cases, you may remain in jail until a new court date. Although collateral can be secure, the lump sum payment can be significant.

    Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

    If a court order is in your name, the police can arrest you anytime, at your home or workplace. Most of the time, a draft notice will be sent to you in person and allows for voluntary participation.


    If a judge issues an order to arrest if suspect, it is considered the warrant. Upon being issued a warrant, it is subject to the jurisdiction of judicial authority, similar to any other written document. The police and local security officials use the term “arrest warrant” to describe any arrest made, and they will work to locate, arrest, or trial you in that situation. If the judge decides that there is enough evidence to make an arrest, he or she will sign this warrant and instruct security forces to make the arrest.

    This warrant is often issued to someone charged with not attending the scheduled court appearance. This warrant is often issued to someone charged with not attending the scheduled court appearance. A judge may issue a ticket if you fail to participate in a traffic ticket or court appearance. Including a hearing, pretrial hearing, arraignment, or sentencing.

  • High Court Of Telangana

    High Court Of Telangana The President of India 2018, on December 26, issued orders of disagreement between The High Court of Judiciary at Hyderabad for the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh into the High Court of Andhra Pradesh with the first seat of Amaravati and High Court for the State of Telangana with the primary seat at Hyderabad. The diversity and the constitution of separate High Courts for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will be practical from January 1, 2019.

    The Telangana High Court Hears Cases In A Variety Of Areas

    1. Contempt appeals
    2. Criminal contempt case
    3. Writ petitions
    4. Environmental and pollution matters
    5. Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act
    6. Projects involving both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
    7. Telangana Lokayukta and Upa Lokayukta Act
    8. Commercial Appellate Division

    Which Cases Can Be Directly Filed In High Court?

    What petitions/applications could be directly filed in the High Court? High Court entertains petitions under Articles 226 and 227 of the Constitution of India and election Petitions under the Representation of Peoples Act, 1951, for transferring civil and criminal cases from one district to another.

    High Court For The State Of Telangana At Hyderabad

    Court Timings of the High Court for the State of Telangana –  Notification -Issued.

    ROC.NO.530/SO/2018 DATED:21.10.2019, NOTIFICATION NO.34/SO/2019

    The High Court for the State of Telangana has resolved to change the present Court timings. The new Court timings of the High Court for the State of Telangana will be as follows:-

    S.I. No. Timings  Particulars
    1 10:30 am 01:30 pm  Court Sitting Hours
    2 01:30 pm 02:30 pm Lunch Break
    3 02:30 pm 04:30 pm Court Sitting Hours


    1.       The Prl. Secretary to the Hon’ble the Chief Justice. (With a request to place the notification before the Honorable Chief Justice for His Lordship’s kind perusal)
    2.       All the P.Ss to the Hon’ble Judges. (With a request to place the notification before the Hon’ble Judges for their Lordships’ kind perusal).
    3.       All the Registrars, High Court for the State of Telangana.
    4.       The Registrar (IT-cum-Central Project Coordinator), High Court for the State of Telangana [with a request to instruct the concerned to place the same on the High Court’s website]
    5.       The Officers were concerned.
    6.        All the Unit Heads in the State of Telangana.
    7.        All the Officers, High Court for the State of Telangana.
    8.        All the Section Heads, High Court for Telangana.
    9.       The Director, Telangana State Judicial Academy, Secunderabad.
    10.   The Member Secretary, Telangana State Legal Services Authority, Hyderabad.
    11.   The Secretary, H.C. Legal Service Committee, Hyderabad.
    12.   The Advocate General, State of Telangana, Hyderabad.
    13.   The Secretary to the Governor for Telangana, Hyderabad.
    14.   The Chief Secretary to the Government of Telangana in Hyderabad.
    15.   The Secretary to Govt., Law (L.A & J-Home Courts) Dept., Govt. of Telangana, Hyderabad.
    16.    The Director, High Court Arbitration & Mediation Centre, Hyderabad.
    17.   The Chairman, Industrial Tribunals (1,11 & Addi.), Hyderabad.
    18.   The Chairman, Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings, Hyderabad.
    19.   The Chairman, Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal, Hyderabad.
    20.   The Presiding Officers, Labour Courts I, II & III, Hyderabad.
    21.   The Secretary-General, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.
    22.   The Registrar General, All High Courts in India.
    23.   The Registrar, Railway Claims Tribunal, Hyderabad.
    24.   The Registrar, Income Tax Tribunal, Hyderabad.
    25.   The Registrar, A.P. Lokayukta, Hyderabad.
    26.    The Registrar, State-Consumers Redressal Forum, Hyderabad.
    27.   The Secretary, Bar Council for State of Telangana, Hyderabad.
    28.   The Accountant General, Telangana, Hyderabad.
    29.   The Public Prosecutor, High Court for the State of Telangana.
    30.   The Administrator, Government Pleaders, Hyderabad.
    31.   The Administrator General & Official Trustee at High Court Buildings, Hyderabad.
    32.    The Special Judge for Trial of CBI Cases, Hyderabad.
    33.   The Director of Prosecutions, Hyderabad.
    34.   The Commissioner of Printing Stationery & Stores Purchase, Govt. Central Press, State of Telangana, Chanchalguda, Hyderabad (For Publication in the Gazette Urgently).
    35.   The President, Telangana High Court Advocates’ Association, Hyderabad.
    36.   The Secretary, Advocates’ Clerks’ Association, High Court for Telangana.
    37.   The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations, Hyderabad.
    38.   The Director, All India Radio, Public Gardens, Hyderabad.
    39.   The News Director, Doordarshan Kendra, Ramanthpur, Hyderabad (Mobile No.9666631363).
    40.   The Editors, Eenadu, Deccan Chronicle, Sia-sat, Sakshi Andhra Jyothi, Vaartha, The Hindu & Indian Express. With a request for making necessary announcement For publication in the Newspaper
    41.   The Deputy Director, Public Relations, Telangana Secretariat, Hyderabad.
    42.   The Overseer, High Court for the State of Telangana


    Name Phone Number
    Hon’ble Justice Sri Ujjal Bhuyan 040-23446311
    Hon’ble Justice Sri P. Naveen Rao 040-23446313
    Hon’ble Justice Dr. Shameem Akther 040-23446735
    Hon’ble Justice Sri Abhinand Kumar Shavili 040-23446341


    Name Designation Phone Number fax number
    Dr. D. Nagarjun General  Registrar 040-23446166, 040- 23688201, Fax: 23446155, 9440621444
    Sri G. V. Subrahmanyam (Judicial) Registrar 040-23446162, 040-23688206, Fax:23446152, 9490153403
    Smt. K. Sujana FAC Registrar (Recruitment), Registrar (Administration) 040-23446164, 040-23688205, Fax:23446154, 9440621442
    Sri D. Ramaknath Registrar (Information Technology cum – Central Project Coordinator) and Registrar (Enquiries) 040-23446326, 040-23688209, Fax:23446198, 9490156554
    Sri V. Ramesh Registrar (Management) 040-23446165, 040-23688203, Fax:23446156, 9440621446
    Sri T. Venkateswara Rao Registrar (Protocol) 040-23446168, 040-23688208, Fax:23446161, 9440621445
    Smt. K. Sai Rama Devi Registrar (Vigilance) 040-23446163, 040-23688202, Fax:23446153, 9440621443
    Sri K. Gangadhar Rao Registrar (Judicial – II) 040-23449602, 040-23688204, Fax:23446158
    Sri P. Sreedhar Rao Registrar (OSD) 040-23449692, 040-23688207, Fax:23446308


    Address Near Govt. City College, Madina, Charminar, HYDERABAD
    Pin code  500 066.
    Email address


    the High Court of Telangana is the highest judicial authority in India, with extensive authority and duty to defend the fundamental rights of every individual. It is sure about the uniform interpretation of laws, safeguards individual rights, resolves disputes, and upholds the judiciary’s integrity.

  • Fir Status Bihar

    Fir Status Bihar there is an interruption and a need to visit the police station; instead, a complaint can be quickly filed through a mobile app. You can now apply online from your mobile while at home for caste, income, residency certificates, PAN cards, voter ID, and licenses, just as nearly all job forms are now being done online. Several jobs have become more straightforward because of the country’s growing digitization; procedures that used to take weeks or months to accomplish are now completed in a matter of days. In this episode, I will register an FIR in Bihar.

    The procedure is now available online as well. Anyone who has to file a complaint can now do so immediately by registering a FIR online. We will provide all the details about Bihar Online FIR in this page, including instructions on filing a police complaint online.

    How do you check your FIR status online? Read this article through to the end in legalants. Anyone must file a police complaint or an FIR with the Bihar Police Department. An app has also been released to prevent filing issues and to identify them when they do. This application is known as Bihar Police Helpline 3.7. You may also submit a police complaint online using this app, and if you run into any issues while doing so, you can also find solutions there.

    Document Requirement For Online Fir Status Bihar.

    1. Mobile Number
    2. Email Id
    3. Aadhar Card
    4. Address Proof
    5. Other papers

    How To Submit An Online Fir Status Bihar?

    Fir Status Bihar

    1. How can you file an online FIR with the Bihar Police at home on your mobile device? This procedure is pretty straightforward. To submit an FIR online, follow these steps:
    2. First, you were given a link to the Bihar Police Department’s official website.
    3. When you click “Open,” the Bihar Police home page will appear.
    4. Go down a bit on the homepage until you find the registration for the online Bihar complaint registration; click on it.
    5. The online Bihar complaint form will appear in your browser window when you select that choice.
    6. On this form, you will first see your name and phone number. It includes almost all the information, including the location of your police station.
    7. Following that, you will fully understand what needs to be done.
    8. Following the description of your complainant’s type, give details about the subject of the complaint.
    9. Finally, your document has been uploaded, and with that, your form will be filled; when you check that form thoroughly, there won’t be any errors.
    10. When you have finished entering all the necessary information, click the recruiting button, and I will register your online FIR in Bihar.

    About State Crime Records Bureau

    • Vision: Efficient use of Information technology for proactive and responsive policing.


    1. To Empower Bihar Police with Information Technology and crime & criminal analysis to uphold the law and protect people.
    2. To provide leadership and distinction in crime analysis and severe and organized crime.
    3. To strive to rise to the emerging challenges by adopting scientific methods and technology for excellence in policing.
    4. The SCRB would act as a clearinghouse of crime and criminal information by facilitating seamless data flow amongst the Police forces of the state. SCRB, therefore, shall act as the nodal agency for furnishing analysis and information in connection with various returns to be sent to NCRB.


    1. Collect statistical data of crimes, analyze them, prepare reviews, testaments, and reports. Ensure its regular and periodic (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly) submission to DGP Bihar /Govt. of Bihar and NCRB.
    2. Collect various types of criminal data and information, consolidate them, and send them to NCRB New Delhi for the annual magazine ‘Crime in India.’ At the State level, this Bureau also publishes a magazine, ‘Crime in Bihar’ annually after collecting and consolidating different types of criminal data and information.
    3. Give training to the Inspectors/SI/ASI and Constables of Police posted in districts and Rail police of Bihar in the collection of data analysis.
    4. Coordinate and assist the functioning of the DCRB at the district level.
    5. Create and maintain secure, sharable Databases on crimes and criminals for law enforcement agencies and encourage their use for public service delivery.
    6. Gather and process crime statistics at the state level and clear the house of information on crime and criminals at the state level.
    7. Lastly, Led and coordinated IT application development and created an enabling IT environment for Police units across Bihar.

    How can I complain to the Police online in Bihar?

    1. The Grievance-receiving counters are established at Sub-Division, District, and State HQ levels.
    2. Online through web portal site
    3. Call centre through the toll-free number 1800 345 6284.
    4. Mobile App ‘Jan Samadhan’.
    5. lastly, Email

    Who Can File Online Fir Status Bihar?

    Anyone who has to complain to the Police or to tell about any problem can do an online FIR.


    In Bihar, there is no longer a need to visit the police station. Instead, a complaint can be quickly filed through a mobile app. We will provide all the details about Bihar Online FIR in this page, including instructions on filing a police complaint online. However, you can file an online FIR with the Bihar Police at home on your mobile device? At the State level, this Bureau also publishes a magazine, ‘Crime in Bihar’ annually after collecting and consolidating different types of criminal data and information.

  • Calcutta High Court

    The Calcutta High Court is a medieval court in India. It is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, and has command over the land of West Bengal and the Act of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The High Court building’s design is based on the Cloth Hall in Belgium. The Court has a lawful judge strength of 72. It started on July 1, 1862

    1. Rule: Andaman & Nicobar Islands and West Bengal
    2. Judge title length: Till 62 years of age.
    3. Composition type: Presidential with confirmation of the Governor of the respective state.


    The Calcutta High Court is one of the three courts of India established in the Presidency City on June 26, 1862, by letters from Her Majesty Queen Victoria. It is the oldest Supreme Court of India. It was based on July 1, 1862, as the Fort William High Court under the High Courts Act, 1861, and was preceded by the Fort William High Court, but the city’s name was officially changed from Kolkata to Kolkata in 2001. The institution retained its old name. On July 5, 2016, the case accepted a bill to rename the Calcutta High Court and two courts in Chennai and Mumbai. However, the Supreme Court still maintains its old name. The Calcutta High Court was the first High Court, and the three High Courts were founded in India, along with the Bombay Madras High Courts.

    Location of Court

    Court Room No Building Floor
    1 Main Building 1st Floor
    2 Main Building 1st Floor
    3 Main Building 1st Floor
    4 Main Building 1st Floor
    5 Main Building 1st Floor
    6 Main Building 1st Floor
    7 Main Building 1st Floor
    8 Main Building 1st Floor
    9 Main Building 1st Floor
    10 Main Building 1st Floor
    11 Main Building 1st Floor
    12 Main Building 1st Floor
    13 Main Building 2nd Floor
    14 Main Building 2nd Floor
    15 Main Building 2nd Floor
    16 Main Building 2nd Floor
    17 Main Building 2nd Floor
    18 Main Building 2nd Floor
    19 Main Building 2nd Floor
    20 Main Building 2nd Floor
    21 Main Building 2nd Floor
    22 Main Building 2nd Floor
    23 Main Building 2nd Floor
    24 Main Building 1st Floor
    25 Main Building 1st Floor
    26 Main Building 1st Floor
    27 Main Building 1st Floor
    28 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    29 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    30 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    31 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    32 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    33 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    34 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    35 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    36 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    37 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    38 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    39 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    40 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    41 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    42 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    236 Sesquicentenary Building 2nd Floor
    237 Sesquicentenary Building 2nd Floor
    238 Sesquicentenary Building 2nd Floor
    550 Sesquicentenary Building 5th Floor
    551 Sesquicentenary Building 5th Floor
    652 Sesquicentenary Building 6th Floor
    654 Sesquicentenary Building 6th Floor


    Secretariat Of The Honourable The Chief Justice

    Designation Departments / Sections under direct control Telephone Nos.
    Secy. to the Hon’ble The Chief Justice Secretariat of the Honourable The Chief Justice +91-33-2254 8055
    Addl. Secy. to the Hon’ble The Chief Justice Secretariat of the Honourable The Chief Justice
    +91-33-2210 0255
    O.S.D. to the Hon’ble The Chief Justice Secretariat of the Honourable The Chief Justice  +91-332213 9305


    • Pin Code: 700001
    • Address : 3, Esplanade Row West, Kolkata, Pin – 700 001
    • STD Code: 033
    • PBX Numbers: 2254-8000, 2248-7485, 2248-7488, 2248-7487, 2248-6717, 2248 6579
    • Web Site:
    • e-mail id : (Registrar General), (Protocol Department), (Protocol Department).

    Fax Numbers :

    1. 033 2248-7835: Registrar General
    2. 033 2213-9306 : Registrar (Judicial Service)
    3. 033 2254-8142: Registrar (Administration)
    4. 033 2231-5784: Registrar (Inspection)
    5. 033 2231-4872:Registrar (Vigilance & Protocol)
    6. 033 2248-2580: Registrar (Original Side)
    7. 033 2248-8736: Protocol Department
    8. 033 2242-9158: Secretariat of the honourable the Chief Justice.


    High Courts are the highest party courts in every state and union of India. Supreme courts exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction only in cases where competent courts are not authorized by law.


  • High Court of Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar

    The Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, and Ladakh High Court is the oldest High Court of the Union of Jammu and Kashmir. The summer capital is Srinagar, and the winter capital is Jammu, where it has wings. 1928 the Court was founded with 17 honorary judges, 13 permanent and 4 reserve judges. The Chief Justice is N. Kotiswar Singh (as of 13 February 2023). Appeals from the Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh District Courts and District courts were being heard by the High Court in Jamritha, Himachal Pradesh. Some cases, habeas corpus petitioning and matters concerning fundamental rights are subject to its original jurisdiction.

    Under the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir in 1957, the Supreme Court was created to lead an independent judiciary. At present, there are seventeen judges on the Supreme Court in its jurisdiction, with thirteen being permanent judges and four being part of the supplementary judges. From May to the end of October, the Chief Justice and administrative wing of the Supreme Court moved to Srinagar, and from November to the end of April, H. The problem is in Jammu.

    The High Court Of Jammu And Kashmir, Srinagar


    The Srinagar operates from May to the end of October each year. During this period, the Chief Justice and the administrative wing of the High Court are based in Srinagar. Court sections in both Srinagar and Jammu function throughout the year, so legal matters progress even during the shift.


    Primarily handles appeals originating from district courts and tribunals within Jammu and Kashmir.

    Holds original jurisdiction on specific matters like:

    • Habeas Corpus petitions – petitions challenging unlawful detention
    • Cases concerning fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution

    Online Resources:

    While there isn’t a dedicated website for the Srinagar wing itself, you can access information through the pan-High Court website: [eCommittee High Court of J&K ON Supreme Court of India]

    This website allows you to Search for case status by party names ([eCourt India High Courts Services ON Government of India])

    1. The High Court plays a role in justifying the rule of law and delivering justice in Jammu and Kashmir.
    2. It has a rich history, established in 1928, and has evolved alongside the region.
    3. Let me know if you’d like to delve deeper into any specific aspects of the High Court or its functioning in Srinagar.

    Committee No. 1: Administrative Committee

    1. Hon’ble The Chief Justice
    2. Hon’ble Mr Justice Tashi Rabstan
    3. Hon’ble Mr Justice Atul Sreedharan
    4. Hon’ble Mr Justice Sanjeev Kumar
    5. Hon’ble Mr Justice Vinod Chatterji Koul


    Service Conditions & Disciplinary Matters of Judicial Officers General Administration including:

    1. Probation, Regularization, and Evidence of
    2. Seniority matters of the judge.
    3. Screening of judge for their continuation beyond 50, 55, and 58 years.
    4. Awarding of Time Scale and Selection Grade Scale of pay.
    5. Awarding of ACP salary scale.
    6. Work review and assessment.
    7. Constitution, abolition, and continuance of Courts.
    8. Conduct Rules.
    9. Alteration of Date of Birth.
    10. Promotion of Civil Judges(Junior)/Munsiff to the Posts of Civil Judges(Senior Division)/Sub Judges.
    11. For any other matter, the Hon’ble Chief Justice decides to refer to the Committee.

    Note-: The Chief Justice may invite any other Judge who is not a Member of this Committee as a Guest Member in any meeting of the Committee.

    High Court of Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar Sections

    The High Court of J&K was established in 1928. Till the early 90’s, it was situated at Mubarakmandi complex, but after 1994, the High Court complex was shifted to Janipura Jammu. It started functioning with 3 Judges only, which was increased to 5 in 1968. At present, the sanctioned strength is 17 judges. About 470 employees are working in the High Court. It has seven courtrooms. The High Court moves with the annual “Darbar” from Jammu to Srinagar and back, thus functioning for six months during summer at Srinagar & for six months during winters at Jammu. At least two courts function at both places at any given time, irrespective of the ‘Darbar.

    The High Court deals with cases related to Writ and Civil Jurisdiction. Seven sections in the High Court deal with various cases. These are:

    1. Letter Patent Appeal (LPA)
    2. Service Writ Petition (SWP)
    3. Other Writ Petition (OWP)
    4. Civil
    5. Criminal
    6. Civil Original Suit (COS) (Now under District Courts)
    7. Habeus Corpus Petition (HCP)

    In addition to the above, there are other sections, such as the judicial section, administrative section, accounts section, records section, statistical section, service section, law reporting section, and registry.

    In 1994, a computer section was established in the High Court to transform the work culture and reap the benefits of the latest information technology tools. During the last five years, many of the functions that were hitherto performed manually have been brought under computerization.

     The Significant Areas of Application are:

    1. Filing Counter
    2. Daily & Weekly Cause list
    3. Monthly Payroll
    4. GPF Accounts
    5. Personnel Information System
    6. Judges Library
    7. Caselaw
    8. Connectivity between J&K High Court, other High Courts, and The Supreme Court
    9. Administrative Functions
    10. Usage of E-mail and the Internet

    The use of computers has decreased the number of pending cases and has brought about transparency in filing, Allocating, hearing, and Disposing.

    Location of High Court of Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar

    Jehangir Chowk, Srinagar – 190009 (Near Jehangir Chowk Flyover)

    1. e-mail address:
    2. Timings
    • Mon to Fri: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm
    • Sat and Sun: Closed – Closed

    In Case Of Any Query, Contact The Below Mentioned Officers/Officials

    • Uzair Nazir
      Senior System Officer
      Contact Number:- 9906500222 / 9906725653
      email-ID:- ,
    • Sushain Ganjoo
      System Assistant


    The High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, currently approves a strength of 17 Judges, including 13 Permanent Judges and 4 Additional Judges. High Courts can conduct judicial review. They can declare any law or ordinance unconstitutional if it is against the Indian Constitution. A High Court alone can certify the cases fit for appeal before the Supreme Court.

  • Rajasthan High Court Jaipur

    Rajasthan High Court Jaipur is the State of Rajasthan. It was customary on 29 August 1949 under the Rajasthan High Court Law 1949. The court seat is in Jaipur. The court has an authorized judge strength of 50. status of the Rajasthan High Court, Sardar Museum in Umaid Park, and upper right is Jodhpur fort in 1960.

    Five High Courts were functioning in the various units of the States – at Jaipur and Bikaner, as well as the High Courts of first Rajasthan and Matsya Union- before the unification of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan High Court Act of 1949 stopped these different rules in one High Court for the entire State. The High Court of Rajasthan was started in Jaipur on 29 August 1949hte Rajpramukh and was begun by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh. Later on, after the complete integration of Rajasthan in 1956, it was moved to Jodhpur with the advice of the Satyanarayan Rao committee.

    The first Chief Justice was Kamala Kant Verma. A bench form at Jaipur on 31 January 1977, under sub-section-2 of Section 51 of the States Re organisation function, 1956, which was dissolved in 1958. Currently, the approved strength of the judges is 50, and the actual strength is 34.

    The high court was shifted to new premises on the outskirts of Jodhpur from the city center in 2019. The president of India launch the newly constructed building.

    Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Bar Association

    It is a registered society of Advocates practicing at the Jaipur Board of Rajasthan High Court. The body elects its office bearers through direct election every year.

    Statue of Manu

    Statue of Manu The Judicial Officers rajasthan Association, supported by the Lions Club, installed a Manu idol in front of the high court lawn with the high court’s permission on 3 March 1989.

    1. Established 74 years ago on 29 August 1949,
    2. Court control: Rajasthan
    3. Address Principal Seat: Jodhpur, Rajasthan Circuit Bench Jaipur
    4. Composition method: residential with confirmation of the Chief Justice of India and Governor of the respective State.
    5. Authorized by: Constitution of India
    6. Appeals to: Supreme Court of India
    7. Judge term length: mandatory retirement by the age of 62
    8. Number of positions: 50
    9. Website:
    10. Chief Justice Currently: Manindra Mohan Shrivastava Since 6 February 2024

    List Of Chief Justices

    Sno Chief Justice Date of Appointment Date of Retirement
    1 Kamala Kant Verma 29-Aug-49 24-Jan-50
    2 Kailas Nath Wanchoo 02-Jan-51 10-Aug-58
    3 Sarju Prasad 28-Feb-59 10-Oct-61
    4 J.S. Ranawat 11-Oct-61 31-May-63
    5 D.S. Dave 01-Jun-63 17-Dec-68
    6 Daulat Mal Bhandari 18-Dec-68 15-Dec-69
    7 J. Narayan 16-Dec-69 13-Feb-73
    8 Bhagwati Prasad Beri 14-Feb-73 16-Feb-75
    9 P.N. Singhal 17-Feb-75 05-Nov-75
    10 V.P. Tyagi 06-Nov-75 27-Dec-77
    11 C. Honniah 27-Apr-78 22-Sep-78
    12 Chand Mal Lodha 12-Mar-79 09-Jul-80
    13 K.D. Sharma 07-Jan-81 22-Oct-83
    14 P.K. Banerjee 23-Oct-83 30-Sep-85
    15 D.P. Gupta 12-Apr-86 31-Jul-86
    16 J. S. Verma 01-Sep-86 22-May-89
    17 Krishna Chandra Agarwal 15-Apr-90 07-Apr-94
    18 G.C. Mittal 12-Apr-94 03-Mar-95
    19 A P Ravani 04-Apr-95 10-Sep-96
    20 Mukul Gopal Mukherjee 19-Sep-96 24-Dec-97
    21 Shivaraj V Patil 22-Jan-99 14-Mar-00
    22 A. R. Lakshmanan 29-May-00 25-Nov-01
    23 Arun Kumar 02-Dec-01 02-Oct-02
    24 Anil Dev Singh 24-Dec-02 22-Oct-04
    25 S. N. Jha 12-Oct-05 15-Jun-07
    26 J. M. Panchal 16-Sep-07 11-Nov-07
    27 Narayan Roy 05-Jan-08 31-Jan-09
    28 Deepak Verma 06-Mar-09 10-May-09
    29 Jagadish Bhalla 10-Aug-09 31-Oct-10
    30 Arun Kumar Mishra 26-Nov-10 13-Dec-12
    31 Amitava Roy 02-Jan-13 05-Aug-14
    32 Sunil Ambwani 24-Mar-15 21-Aug-15
    33 S. K. Mittal 05-Mar-16 14-Apr-16
    34 Navin Sinha 14-May-16 16-Feb-17
    35 Pradeep Nandrajog 02-Apr-17 06-Apr-19
    36 Shripathi Ravindra Bhat 05-May-19 22-Sep-19
    37 Indrajit Mahanty 06-Oct-19 11-Oct-21
    38 Akil Abdulhamid Kureshi 12-Oct-21 06-Mar-22
    39 Sambhaji Shiwaji Shinde 21-Jun-22 01-Aug-22
    40 Pankaj Mithal 14-Oct-22 05-Feb-23
    41 Augustine George Masih 30-May-23 08-Nov-23
    42 Manindra Mohan Shrivastav 06-Feb-24


    High Courts are the highest party courts in every State and union of India. Supreme courts exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction only in cases where competent courts are not control by law.

  • Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape

    Jennifer Lopez “Sex” Tape She is known as a sex tape, Complete With “20 Minutes of Nudity,” Could get How Much?! Tape being shopped around by the singer is looking to bring in a windfall of profits. Coming soon to an X-rated site near you: Jennifer Lopez in the buff!

    Yes, J.Lo’s former spouse Ojani Noa is this close to signing a maximum with a huge porn company to release a sensual clip of the American Idol jurist.

    Who’s Looking to Snap Up The Raunchy Honeymoon Clip, and What’s It Expected To Fetch?

    Starting bids are “in the hundreds of thousands,” director Noah Ed Meyer told E! News. The final price can now reach millions due to many well-known porn companies competing for the rights.

    “I got emails from Pornhub, YouPorn, Pulse Distribution, Red Light District, and Kevin Blatt, who released the Paris Hilton sex tape,” says Meyer. “If the offer is good, we will accept it. ”

    And although Noah and his colleague Claudia Vazquez are in no rush to make an option, one of the contestants thinks he has what it takes to submit a video.

    “We are one of the largest networks of adult sites on the Internet. We also have the largest traffic, with 50 million views a day,” says Pornhub’s Kate Miller. Com, a site similar to YouTube X. “We could pay a lot because we got the most money. ”

    While Miller wouldn’t say how much money he’s willing to spend on the site, he told Pornhub had reserved space for Lopez’s video in the site’s popular section.

    J.Lo has Fought for Years to Keep the Clips on Lockdown. Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape

    Lopez’s attorney, Jay Lavely, told E! that the news of their continued prohibition on publishing the photos and a subsequent judge’s order not to interfere in Vazquez’s life would not alter the situation. Vazquez, who bought the rights to the J.Lo story from Noah for just $1, is still bound by the preliminary injunction against Noah and Meyer because he acted “in concert or as a customer” for both, Lavely said. He added that they plan to appeal the judge’s final decision—a bit of history. Noah and Lopez were married in Miami on February 22, 1997, before he became famous. The photos currently being sold are from their honeymoon. “There’s about 15 to 20 minutes of nudity between the shots in the 27 hours of footage,” Meyer said.

    As A Lawyer For Vazquez  Record, The Video Is Not Technically A “Sex Tape.”

    “I can’t talk about the specific contact between J. Lo and Noah, but I can say that there are a lot of songs that haven’t been here before,” said Mr. Cris Armenta told E! News. “Sex tape is not a word I would use.

    However, the honeymoon period is short. Noah and Lopez broke up after a year and kept the photos for years.

    They got along well for at least a few years. He is the manager of his restaurants. Because of that friendship, Meyer says Noah ends up with the tapes he has.

    “When Lopez married her Next husband [dancer Cris Judd], she gave Noah everything she had hidden in the garage. And on top of that, we have all the home videos that he made, and he let us film him in those videos. ”

    Noah and Lopez eventually broke up, first over his firing from the restaurant and then over a long story and “biography” starring Noah produced by Vazquez. While researching the subject, the two men dug up all the photos.

    In 2006, Lopez sued to prevent Noah from publishing the whole story and banned the book.

    However, the world might soon see Jennifer Lopez as if she had never been seen.

    If Even Jennifer Lopez Is Color-Blind To Red Flags, Is There Any Hope For The Rest Of Us?

    The one mistake she frequently makes in a relationship that causes her the most pain is something Jennifer Lopez has admitted to regretting.

    1. Jennifer Lopez once admitted that she made a typical relationship mistake we all make.
    2. Lopez stated that he frequently ran away and disregarded warning signs.
    3. Lopez calls her husband, Ben Affleck, the love of her life.

    Everyone has relationship problems; It doesn’t matter if you’re Jennifer Lopez or Joe Average. Nothing can replace the pain and sorrow of heartbreak, not fame and fortune. Jennifer Lopez knows what heartbreak is because she’s been through many failed relationships and marriages. She is married to Ben Affleck, but that has pros and cons.

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli

    Before she met Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez never gave up hope that the perfect man still existed. Even though she failed in love many times, she did not give up. However, she realized she had made a particular mistake in her relationship that most of us can related to.

    Jennifer Lopez’s Regrets When It Comes to Relationships

    In an old interview with Elle (via Her), Jennifer Lopez admitted that she was in a rush and got carried away. It causes him to make a common mistake. We’re all guilty of ignoring red flags.

    We can all agree that love tends to turn us blind, and despite her popularity and success, Lopez is no exception to the rule.

    Everybody has seen that I make mistakes. I rush in, get swept up, and ignore the signs. But so many of us are guilty of these things.

    After A Break-Up, Lopez Takes The Time To Reflect On The Situation And Ask Herself Essential Questions.

    Each time it goes wrong, it’s hard. I get hurt but must let myself go: ‘What did I do? What can I learn?’ And as hard and hurtful as things get, I want to believe I can go one step higher. And despite having fallen many times in her love life, she was not one to give up. Lopez always kept the hope alive in her heart that she would find her prince charming soon enough.

    I hope that if I keep going, I will eventually get it right. I still believe in love. The nirvana man, he’s out there somewhere. But you have to work at it. You have to work at everything.

    She is currently married to Ben Affleck. The duo reconciled after a break-up that lasted for several years.

    Ben Affleck is the Love of Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape and Life 

    Bennifer has been caught in a wave of separation rumors, but we can confidently say nothing. However, before the couple started making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Lopez knew that Affleck was the love of her life.

    In an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music (via Harper’s Bazaar), Lopez got candid about her third studio album, This Is Me, Then. She stated that the songs in the album represent when she fell in love with Affleck.

    Lopez said,

    That album, This Is Me, Then, captured a moment when I fell in love with the love of my life. It’s all right on the record, and I didn’t even notice what was happening or what I was doing. It was just every day going from the set to the recording in the studio, doing the thing, being in love, him coming into the studio. When I listened to the lyrics now, I didn’t even notice that I was writing some of our stories that would happen, which was sick. I didn’t even know it was prophetic in a way.

    Unfortunately, the couple broke up in 2004, and the songs on the album became impossible for her to perform due to the heartbreak linked to it. We are glad the two returned to each other and hope it all works out for them in the end!


    Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape “I got emails from Pornhub, YouPorn, Pulse Distribution, Red Light District, and Kevin Blatt, who released the Paris Hilton sex tape,” says Meyer. “I get hurt, but I have to let myself go”: Jennifer Lopez Admits She Often Makes One Mistake in Her Relationships That Costs Her Dearly. 1. Jennifer Lopez once admitted to making a common mistake in relationships that we are all guilty of. Lopez called her husband, Ben Affleck, the love of her life.

    Jennifer Lopez knows what it’s like to have her heart broken, given that she has been in many relationships and marriages that did not work out with her. Before finding Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez did not give up on hope that the perfect man was still out there. In an old interview with Elle (via Her), Jennifer Lopez admitted that she rushes into things and eventually gets carried away in a relationship. Ben Affleck is the Love of Jennifer Lopez’s Life.

  • Wrongful Termination Law

    Wrongful Termination Law does not refer to the end of the employee’s rights except to the unfair termination of the exercise contract with the employer. In India, anti-malpractice laws are designed to protect employees from improper conduct by employers. However, these laws provide legal assistance to employees who have been unfairly dismissed.

    Why You May Need a Lawyer

    There are various scenarios where seeking legal help in cases of wrongful termination can be beneficial:

    1. When you have grounds for termination and want to know your legal options and rights.
    2. If the employer compensates you for reporting work misconduct or taking proactive steps to prevent incidents.
    3. Discrimination based on gender, religion, class, or disability applies to you. If so, why?
    4. When you were given notice without warning or compensation as per the employment agreement and legal requirements. Ie.
    5. If your employer disregarded specific labor regulations or breached your employment agreement.

    Local Laws Overview for Wrongful Termination Law

    Wrongful Termination Law

    Hyderabad, India, has special laws relating to wrongful dismissal:

    1. When you have grounds for termination and want to know your legal options and rights. Guides proper eviction procedures and compensation.
    2. Work conditions and dismissal regulations in shops or establishments are covered by the Shops and Establishments Act of 1988. This act also protects these laws.
    3. Finally, the Deposit of Gratuity Act of 1972 and other labor laws enacted in 1948 and 1948 provide worker protection and set the wage rate for workers at fault.

    What can be Examined for Wrongful Termination in Hyderabad, India?

    Terminating the employment contract with the employer is not a result of direct dismissal but a rather unfair termination. It is known as “direct dismissality”.

    How Long I File a Wrongful Termination Claim in Hyderabad, India?

    The legal time frame to file an unfair termination claim is typically three years from the termination date, provided that you have grounds for it and want to know your rights.

    What Treatment can I seek for Wrongful Termination in Hyderabad, India?

    Treatment for wrongful termination can include re-establishment to your job, compensation for lost wages, Payment for emotional distress, and other relevant damages as by the court.

    Should I Arrange a Settlement for My Wrongful Termination Claim?

    Yes, arranging a settlement with your employer before or during a legal activity is possible. An Advocate can lead you through the arranging process and help you achieve a fair settlement.

    How can a Lawyer Assist me with my Wrongful Termination Case?

    A Lawyer Assist me with my Wrongful Termination Case. Alternately terminating the employee’s rights, direct dismissal refers to unfairly ending the employment agreement with the employer.


    Terminating the employment contract with the employer is not a result of direct expulsion but rather an unfair termination. It is known as “direct dismissality”. These laws allow legal recourse for workers who have been wrongfully dismissed. The services of an advocate are available for wrongful termination cases, covering many different situations where it may be beneficial.

    However, Hyderabad, India, has a specific law that deals with valid dismissal. Many labor laws, like the Minimum Wage Act of 1948 and the Liability Insurance Act of 1972, protect workers and provide Payment for wrongful termination.