• High Court of Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar

    The Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, and Ladakh High Court is the oldest High Court of the Union of Jammu and Kashmir. The summer capital is Srinagar, and the winter capital is Jammu, where it has wings. 1928 the Court was founded with 17 honorary judges, 13 permanent and 4 reserve judges. The Chief Justice is N. Kotiswar Singh (as of 13 February 2023). Appeals from the Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh District Courts and District courts were being heard by the High Court in Jamritha, Himachal Pradesh. Some cases, habeas corpus petitioning and matters concerning fundamental rights are subject to its original jurisdiction.

    Under the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir in 1957, the Supreme Court was created to lead an independent judiciary. At present, there are seventeen judges on the Supreme Court in its jurisdiction, with thirteen being permanent judges and four being part of the supplementary judges. From May to the end of October, the Chief Justice and administrative wing of the Supreme Court moved to Srinagar, and from November to the end of April, H. The problem is in Jammu.

    The High Court Of Jammu And Kashmir, Srinagar


    The Srinagar operates from May to the end of October each year. During this period, the Chief Justice and the administrative wing of the High Court are based in Srinagar. Court sections in both Srinagar and Jammu function throughout the year, so legal matters progress even during the shift.


    Primarily handles appeals originating from district courts and tribunals within Jammu and Kashmir.

    Holds original jurisdiction on specific matters like:

    • Habeas Corpus petitions – petitions challenging unlawful detention
    • Cases concerning fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution

    Online Resources:

    While there isn’t a dedicated website for the Srinagar wing itself, you can access information through the pan-High Court website: [eCommittee High Court of J&K ON Supreme Court of India ecommitteesci.gov.in]

    This website allows you to Search for case status by party names ([eCourt India High Courts Services ON Government of India hcservices.ecourts.gov.in])

    1. The High Court plays a role in justifying the rule of law and delivering justice in Jammu and Kashmir.
    2. It has a rich history, established in 1928, and has evolved alongside the region.
    3. Let me know if you’d like to delve deeper into any specific aspects of the High Court or its functioning in Srinagar.

    Committee No. 1: Administrative Committee

    1. Hon’ble The Chief Justice
    2. Hon’ble Mr Justice Tashi Rabstan
    3. Hon’ble Mr Justice Atul Sreedharan
    4. Hon’ble Mr Justice Sanjeev Kumar
    5. Hon’ble Mr Justice Vinod Chatterji Koul


    Service Conditions & Disciplinary Matters of Judicial Officers General Administration including:

    1. Probation, Regularization, and Evidence of
    2. Seniority matters of the judge.
    3. Screening of judge for their continuation beyond 50, 55, and 58 years.
    4. Awarding of Time Scale and Selection Grade Scale of pay.
    5. Awarding of ACP salary scale.
    6. Work review and assessment.
    7. Constitution, abolition, and continuance of Courts.
    8. Conduct Rules.
    9. Alteration of Date of Birth.
    10. Promotion of Civil Judges(Junior)/Munsiff to the Posts of Civil Judges(Senior Division)/Sub Judges.
    11. For any other matter, the Hon’ble Chief Justice decides to refer to the Committee.

    Note-: The Chief Justice may invite any other Judge who is not a Member of this Committee as a Guest Member in any meeting of the Committee.

    High Court of Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar Sections

    The High Court of J&K was established in 1928. Till the early 90’s, it was situated at Mubarakmandi complex, but after 1994, the High Court complex was shifted to Janipura Jammu. It started functioning with 3 Judges only, which was increased to 5 in 1968. At present, the sanctioned strength is 17 judges. About 470 employees are working in the High Court. It has seven courtrooms. The High Court moves with the annual “Darbar” from Jammu to Srinagar and back, thus functioning for six months during summer at Srinagar & for six months during winters at Jammu. At least two courts function at both places at any given time, irrespective of the ‘Darbar.

    The High Court deals with cases related to Writ and Civil Jurisdiction. Seven sections in the High Court deal with various cases. These are:

    1. Letter Patent Appeal (LPA)
    2. Service Writ Petition (SWP)
    3. Other Writ Petition (OWP)
    4. Civil
    5. Criminal
    6. Civil Original Suit (COS) (Now under District Courts)
    7. Habeus Corpus Petition (HCP)

    In addition to the above, there are other sections, such as the judicial section, administrative section, accounts section, records section, statistical section, service section, law reporting section, and registry.

    In 1994, a computer section was established in the High Court to transform the work culture and reap the benefits of the latest information technology tools. During the last five years, many of the functions that were hitherto performed manually have been brought under computerization.

     The Significant Areas of Application are:

    1. Filing Counter
    2. Daily & Weekly Cause list
    3. Monthly Payroll
    4. GPF Accounts
    5. Personnel Information System
    6. Judges Library
    7. Caselaw
    8. Connectivity between J&K High Court, other High Courts, and The Supreme Court
    9. Administrative Functions
    10. Usage of E-mail and the Internet

    The use of computers has decreased the number of pending cases and has brought about transparency in filing, Allocating, hearing, and Disposing.

    Location of High Court of Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar

    Jehangir Chowk, Srinagar – 190009 (Near Jehangir Chowk Flyover)

    1. e-mail address: rjudicialjammu@gmail.com
    2. Timings
    • Mon to Fri: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm
    • Sat and Sun: Closed – Closed

    In Case Of Any Query, Contact The Below Mentioned Officers/Officials

    • Uzair Nazir
      Senior System Officer
      Contact Number:- 9906500222 / 9906725653
      email-ID:- uzair.nazir@jk.gov.in , itzuzair@gmail.com
    • Sushain Ganjoo
      System Assistant
      email-ID:- sushain.hcjmu@jk.gov.in


    The High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, currently approves a strength of 17 Judges, including 13 Permanent Judges and 4 Additional Judges. High Courts can conduct judicial review. They can declare any law or ordinance unconstitutional if it is against the Indian Constitution. A High Court alone can certify the cases fit for appeal before the Supreme Court.