• Rajasthan High Court Jaipur

    Rajasthan High Court Jaipur is the State of Rajasthan. It was customary on 29 August 1949 under the Rajasthan High Court Law 1949. The court seat is in Jaipur. The court has an authorized judge strength of 50. status of the Rajasthan High Court, Sardar Museum in Umaid Park, and upper right is Jodhpur fort in 1960.

    Five High Courts were functioning in the various units of the States – at Jaipur and Bikaner, as well as the High Courts of first Rajasthan and Matsya Union- before the unification of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan High Court Act of 1949 stopped these different rules in one High Court for the entire State. The High Court of Rajasthan was started in Jaipur on 29 August 1949hte Rajpramukh and was begun by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh. Later on, after the complete integration of Rajasthan in 1956, it was moved to Jodhpur with the advice of the Satyanarayan Rao committee.

    The first Chief Justice was Kamala Kant Verma. A bench form at Jaipur on 31 January 1977, under sub-section-2 of Section 51 of the States Re organisation function, 1956, which was dissolved in 1958. Currently, the approved strength of the judges is 50, and the actual strength is 34.

    The high court was shifted to new premises on the outskirts of Jodhpur from the city center in 2019. The president of India launch the newly constructed building.

    Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Bar Association

    It is a registered society of Advocates practicing at the Jaipur Board of Rajasthan High Court. The body elects its office bearers through direct election every year.

    Statue of Manu

    Statue of Manu The Judicial Officers rajasthan Association, supported by the Lions Club, installed a Manu idol in front of the high court lawn with the high court’s permission on 3 March 1989.

    1. Established 74 years ago on 29 August 1949,
    2. Court control: Rajasthan
    3. Address Principal Seat: Jodhpur, Rajasthan Circuit Bench Jaipur
    4. Composition method: residential with confirmation of the Chief Justice of India and Governor of the respective State.
    5. Authorized by: Constitution of India
    6. Appeals to: Supreme Court of India
    7. Judge term length: mandatory retirement by the age of 62
    8. Number of positions: 50
    9. Website: http://hcraj.nic.in/
    10. Chief Justice Currently: Manindra Mohan Shrivastava Since 6 February 2024

    List Of Chief Justices

    Sno Chief Justice Date of Appointment Date of Retirement
    1 Kamala Kant Verma 29-Aug-49 24-Jan-50
    2 Kailas Nath Wanchoo 02-Jan-51 10-Aug-58
    3 Sarju Prasad 28-Feb-59 10-Oct-61
    4 J.S. Ranawat 11-Oct-61 31-May-63
    5 D.S. Dave 01-Jun-63 17-Dec-68
    6 Daulat Mal Bhandari 18-Dec-68 15-Dec-69
    7 J. Narayan 16-Dec-69 13-Feb-73
    8 Bhagwati Prasad Beri 14-Feb-73 16-Feb-75
    9 P.N. Singhal 17-Feb-75 05-Nov-75
    10 V.P. Tyagi 06-Nov-75 27-Dec-77
    11 C. Honniah 27-Apr-78 22-Sep-78
    12 Chand Mal Lodha 12-Mar-79 09-Jul-80
    13 K.D. Sharma 07-Jan-81 22-Oct-83
    14 P.K. Banerjee 23-Oct-83 30-Sep-85
    15 D.P. Gupta 12-Apr-86 31-Jul-86
    16 J. S. Verma 01-Sep-86 22-May-89
    17 Krishna Chandra Agarwal 15-Apr-90 07-Apr-94
    18 G.C. Mittal 12-Apr-94 03-Mar-95
    19 A P Ravani 04-Apr-95 10-Sep-96
    20 Mukul Gopal Mukherjee 19-Sep-96 24-Dec-97
    21 Shivaraj V Patil 22-Jan-99 14-Mar-00
    22 A. R. Lakshmanan 29-May-00 25-Nov-01
    23 Arun Kumar 02-Dec-01 02-Oct-02
    24 Anil Dev Singh 24-Dec-02 22-Oct-04
    25 S. N. Jha 12-Oct-05 15-Jun-07
    26 J. M. Panchal 16-Sep-07 11-Nov-07
    27 Narayan Roy 05-Jan-08 31-Jan-09
    28 Deepak Verma 06-Mar-09 10-May-09
    29 Jagadish Bhalla 10-Aug-09 31-Oct-10
    30 Arun Kumar Mishra 26-Nov-10 13-Dec-12
    31 Amitava Roy 02-Jan-13 05-Aug-14
    32 Sunil Ambwani 24-Mar-15 21-Aug-15
    33 S. K. Mittal 05-Mar-16 14-Apr-16
    34 Navin Sinha 14-May-16 16-Feb-17
    35 Pradeep Nandrajog 02-Apr-17 06-Apr-19
    36 Shripathi Ravindra Bhat 05-May-19 22-Sep-19
    37 Indrajit Mahanty 06-Oct-19 11-Oct-21
    38 Akil Abdulhamid Kureshi 12-Oct-21 06-Mar-22
    39 Sambhaji Shiwaji Shinde 21-Jun-22 01-Aug-22
    40 Pankaj Mithal 14-Oct-22 05-Feb-23
    41 Augustine George Masih 30-May-23 08-Nov-23
    42 Manindra Mohan Shrivastav 06-Feb-24


    High Courts are the highest party courts in every State and union of India. Supreme courts exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction only in cases where competent courts are not control by law.