• Calcutta High Court

    The Calcutta High Court is a medieval court in India. It is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, and has command over the land of West Bengal and the Act of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The High Court building’s design is based on the Cloth Hall in Belgium. The Court has a lawful judge strength of 72. It started on July 1, 1862

    1. Rule: Andaman & Nicobar Islands and West Bengal
    2. Judge title length: Till 62 years of age.
    3. Composition type: Presidential with confirmation of the Governor of the respective state.


    The Calcutta High Court is one of the three courts of India established in the Presidency City on June 26, 1862, by letters from Her Majesty Queen Victoria. It is the oldest Supreme Court of India. It was based on July 1, 1862, as the Fort William High Court under the High Courts Act, 1861, and was preceded by the Fort William High Court, but the city’s name was officially changed from Kolkata to Kolkata in 2001. The institution retained its old name. On July 5, 2016, the case accepted a bill to rename the Calcutta High Court and two courts in Chennai and Mumbai. However, the Supreme Court still maintains its old name. The Calcutta High Court was the first High Court, and the three High Courts were founded in India, along with the Bombay Madras High Courts.

    Location of Court

    Court Room No Building Floor
    1 Main Building 1st Floor
    2 Main Building 1st Floor
    3 Main Building 1st Floor
    4 Main Building 1st Floor
    5 Main Building 1st Floor
    6 Main Building 1st Floor
    7 Main Building 1st Floor
    8 Main Building 1st Floor
    9 Main Building 1st Floor
    10 Main Building 1st Floor
    11 Main Building 1st Floor
    12 Main Building 1st Floor
    13 Main Building 2nd Floor
    14 Main Building 2nd Floor
    15 Main Building 2nd Floor
    16 Main Building 2nd Floor
    17 Main Building 2nd Floor
    18 Main Building 2nd Floor
    19 Main Building 2nd Floor
    20 Main Building 2nd Floor
    21 Main Building 2nd Floor
    22 Main Building 2nd Floor
    23 Main Building 2nd Floor
    24 Main Building 1st Floor
    25 Main Building 1st Floor
    26 Main Building 1st Floor
    27 Main Building 1st Floor
    28 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    29 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    30 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    31 Centenary Building 1st Floor
    32 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    33 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    34 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    35 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    36 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    37 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    38 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    39 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    40 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    41 Centenary Building 3rd Floor
    42 Centenary Building 2nd Floor
    236 Sesquicentenary Building 2nd Floor
    237 Sesquicentenary Building 2nd Floor
    238 Sesquicentenary Building 2nd Floor
    550 Sesquicentenary Building 5th Floor
    551 Sesquicentenary Building 5th Floor
    652 Sesquicentenary Building 6th Floor
    654 Sesquicentenary Building 6th Floor


    Secretariat Of The Honourable The Chief Justice

    Designation Departments / Sections under direct control Telephone Nos.
    Secy. to the Hon’ble The Chief Justice Secretariat of the Honourable The Chief Justice +91-33-2254 8055
    Addl. Secy. to the Hon’ble The Chief Justice Secretariat of the Honourable The Chief Justice
    +91-33-2210 0255
    O.S.D. to the Hon’ble The Chief Justice Secretariat of the Honourable The Chief Justice  +91-332213 9305


    • Pin Code: 700001
    • Address : 3, Esplanade Row West, Kolkata, Pin – 700 001
    • STD Code: 033
    • PBX Numbers: 2254-8000, 2248-7485, 2248-7488, 2248-7487, 2248-6717, 2248 6579
    • Web Site: https://www.calcuttahighcourt.gov.in
    • e-mail id : rghc_cal@rediffmail.com (Registrar General), calcuttahighcourtprotocol@gmail.com (Protocol Department), calcuttahighcourtprotocol@nic.in (Protocol Department).

    Fax Numbers :

    1. 033 2248-7835: Registrar General
    2. 033 2213-9306 : Registrar (Judicial Service)
    3. 033 2254-8142: Registrar (Administration)
    4. 033 2231-5784: Registrar (Inspection)
    5. 033 2231-4872:Registrar (Vigilance & Protocol)
    6. 033 2248-2580: Registrar (Original Side)
    7. 033 2248-8736: Protocol Department
    8. 033 2242-9158: Secretariat of the honourable the Chief Justice.


    High Courts are the highest party courts in every state and union of India. Supreme courts exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction only in cases where competent courts are not authorized by law.